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Icons made by Darius Dan from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Docusaurus no style

This site is bootstrapped from @wgao19/docusaurus-template-no-style using @wgao19/docusaurus-theme-no-style, a trim-down from Docusaurus 2's classic theme that contains only opinionated minimum styles:

  • all css selectors are using only semantic html tags with roles, no class names used
  • accessory sections have paddings with a fixed value of 1rem

It also comes with minimum mobile display support:

  • one break point at 980px
  • wide — docs and blog page layout with grid with 2 side sections and 1 main in middle
  • narrow — fluid all content

Template no style

Docusaurus 2's init command allows you to easily create a Docusaurus 2 site from a template repo:

$ npx @docusaurus/init@next init [your-project-name] 

I've also included two customizations in this template:

  • Font using IBM Plex Sans specified with a custom CSS
  • Swizzling out Footer that fits my eyes

Theme no style

The default Docusaurus 2 sites are generated from classic theme which includes a very beautiful styling that we believe will satisfy the need of most documenting sites. All Facebook Open Source projects are using the default theme and you should probably use it too.

The motivation for me to create the theme no style is that I want to create many more sites each with its own custom styling, as well as to learn more about Docusaurus 2.

Docusaurus is a static site generator with a focus on documentation sites. It is currently maintained by Yangshun, Endiliey, and myself. We are now rapidly iterating on Docusaurus 2. It has been the most performant static site generator I've ever worked with. And we hope to deliver the best developer experience for the doc sites of future open source projects, as well as to help build the best doc sites for future users.

Now start building