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Docusaurus Template No Style

🦖 Opinionated minimum style template for Docusaurus 2

The motivation of creating this template:

  • to learn how Docusaurus 2 works
  • to create a template with nearly no styling so that I can add my own styling without much hassle later on

About this template

💚 >> DEMO >> 💚

This template uses @wgao19/docusaurus-theme-no-style nearly directly.

With two customizations for demonstration purposes:

  • Adds a custom CSS to use a customized font IBM Plex Sans
  • Swizzles the Footer component (see below to see how)

Check out Docusaurus 2 docs for more information on developing with D2.

Using this template

$ npx @docusaurus/init@next init [your-project-name]
$ cd your-project-name
$ yarn start

Overwriting styles for this template

Depending on how fine-grained you wish to overwrite the styles, you have a few options:

Using custom CSS

The theme we use for this template allows an option field customCss that allows us to import our custom CSS that will be imported right before React renders our initial UI.

To specify your custom CSS:

// docusaurus.config.js
module.exports = {
themes: [
// path relative to your project root
customCss: require.resolve("./src/css/custom.css")

Modifying basic (layout) styling

To modify the styling without changing the DOM structure of individual components, you may swizzle the Layout component and update the CSS there:

$ yarn swizzle @wgao19/docusaurus-theme-no-style Layout

This will copy the Layout component to your site's src directory. Restart your dev server, and then the site will be using the component in your code.

Most of the styles provided in this theme is inside the Layout component.

Modifying component styling

If you need to modify the DOM structure and / or styling for individual component, swizzle the corresponding component with the same command.

For list of components to swizzle, refer to the theme.


Logo credit

Icons made by Darius Dan from flaticon.

Created by

This template alongside its theme is created by Wei who is a maintainer of Docusaurus together with Yangshun and Endiliey.

Yangshun and Endiliey offered tremendous insights in the creation of this template and theme.